Solesta is a nonsurgical option for the treatment of fecal incontinence. Solesta helps give you more control over bowel control problems by bulking up the tissue in the anal canal. It is made from natural materials that are just like the natural starches, sugars, and tissues found in your body.

Patients who have been treated with Solesta have found a reduction in accidents as early as 4 weeks, with continued improvements over the first 3 months. They have communicated positive lifestyle improvements (for example, less embarrassment, less time looking for bathrooms, and more time socializing with friends), more accident-free days and long-lasting improvements that have been seen for up to 3 years in clinical trials.

Solesta is a quick procedure that is administered in the office by your doctor and is usually painless. Preparation for the procedure involves taking two (2) fleet enemas prior to your appointment time. The procedure takes less than 20 minutes and you can resume limited physical activities immediately after the procedure and get back to most physical activities within a week.

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